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The Name

The restaurant is named after Claudette Sammut, the 91 year-old mother of Guy Sammut, who with his wife Reine own two beautiful restaurants and a small hotel in Loumarin. Carlos stumbled upon the property on a sunny October afternoon and were so inspired by the beautiful setting, Reine’s food, Guy’s incredible warmth, and the Sammut family’s story, that he asked Guy – before dessert was even served – if they could name the restaurant after his mother. Luckily, he said yes.

Our Chef & Menu

Inspired by the soulful cooking and teachings of his Tunisian grandmother, Chef Ari Bokovza’s style celebrates the rich flavors of the Mediterranean and Provence while maintaining a respect for individual ingredients. During the course of his professional life, Bokovza has worked in some of New York City’s most renowned restaurants including Union Square Cafe, Picholine and The Modern, where, during his three-year tenure as chef de cuisine, the restaurant was awarded three stars from The New York Times. Chef Ari Bokovza’s menu at Claudette focuses on local produce, seafood and North African aromatics found in the Provençal kitchen.